S.T.A.R Forex Trading System – Anonymous



S.T.A.R Forex Trading System – Anonymous


Recently I got a testimonial email from James S., a trader just like you, now telling of good success and excitement, but who previously faced this same problem as you and he informed me of a 2 year full-time trading venture that was killed by the pain of $60K in losses several years ago.


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Are you Worried About Your Trading Career?

Are you making as much money as you need to make from trading?

Getting Too Many Stopouts… and fear they’ll eventually sideline your entire trading career?

Have you tried tightening stops and going deep pockets and either way the market bites you repeatedly?

Don’t worry you are not alone. These Are Valid Concerns.

In fact it’s known that over 95 out of a hundred people just like you face this fear but find no answer. Funding Busted Accounts Multiple Times Is The NORM!

Then finally the forced decision comes to Pack It In For Good. I know Personally how discouraging it is to Lose, Blame Everything and Everyone, and Search Endlessly For Something That Works.

This is an industry wide problem – always has been.

Recently I got a testimonial email from James S., a trader just like you, now telling of good success and excitement, but who previously faced this same problem as you and he informed me of a 2 year full-time trading venture that was killed by the pain of $60K in losses several years ago.

Sadly, I’ve gotten hundreds of emails about this kind of carnage.

So as you can tell, this is not a small problem, not a problem just faced by you…

I have good news for you…

There is a solution to too many stopouts.

The solution is a lot easier than you would think.

…Let me introduce you to S.T.A.R.

S.T.A.R., or Super Trades At Retrace from Supertradesystem is the ONLY trading system in the world that truly adjusts to every market condition. This system forces you to only target EARLY entries in a new trend with LOW DRAWDOWN.

When you invest in S.T.A.R. today you will receive a 100% mechanical system you can apply identically to all Forex market conditions at any scale along with the ONLY money management system any trader should EVER use.

These are the EXACT things you need to overcome the misery and risk of taking too many stopouts.

…Let me explain…

…You see, I’ve been working with people like you for 8 years and during that time I’ve been offering a solution to the SINGLE OBSTACLE faced by ALL TRADERS.

I’m TS Hennessy. (For no other reason but so you know who it is that has developed the only possible solution and that I know about markets allow me to take a second here to introduce some accomplishments).

I discovered The New Elliott Wave Rule which RN Elliott searched for in vain over 70 years ago.

I discovered a Key to the waves that the Waves generate and this Key is at the Heart of S.T.A.R.

I discovered the 2nd critical speed control to accomodate market speed changes.

I discovered Currency Base Pair Tuning which is that all currencies with same base (like all Euro bases, eg. EUR/USD, EUR/JPY) have a unique speed or ‘frequency’.

Traders have paid as much as $10,000 for my coaching.

Bet You Just Want to
Know About That Obstacle…

That obstacle is a very fundamental and fatal flaw in EVERY technical trading system.
( Even S.T.A.R. if we let it, But We Don’t )

It takes just moments to tell you about but it devastates nearly everyone’s accounts!

Be aware, S.T.A.R. has the ONLY possible answer to it. Here is the Simple Problem…

EVERY system is going to use price charts and generate an oscillation in its indicators, be it either a crossing event or a value threshold.

But there is a horrible flaw and danger there because the market is ALWAYS somewhat different in every area and there are fast and slow markets.

Market Slow? Plan on being Oscillated until you’re silly!

Fast? Plan on your system losing the important “touch” with the market.

95% failure rate is the sad but PROVEN result and it cannot and will not ever be any different.

As I said I have offered the only solution. That solution is S.T.A.R.

Now that you’ve learned about S.T.A.R., let me tell you exactly how it works using the free Metatrader 4 platform…

First – it always uses an analysis that is calibrated to the market condition by modifying itself first, so that it precisely fits the conditions, not ignore them. You cannot choose the wrong timeframe because the unique method for calibrating treats the whole set from 1 minute to 1 month as a continuous spectrum. Choose to fit the market at any scale or term you wish.

Second – The system will use a unique balancing of old, exhausted trend scale forces with the scale of the new trend based upon a trend pullback so you can select the signal tool already tuned to that specific reversal zone. Your early, low drawdown entry to a new trend, will be a trigger that comes after the reversal so your time and equity are efficiently used and your stop will be known.

And Third – The system will use this super-location-specific calibration, or tuning, to show you where to get in. It will always be low drawdown for the chosen scale. You know, the kind of entry you always look back on and wish you had known to enter. Our manual system uses a process which features a filter system that prevents many stopouts by showing a “No Trade” (WAIT) on over 3 to 1 of our tentative signals, preserving your precious account from too many stopouts. We mostly see TRIPLE DIGIT PIP WINS and fairly frequently even QUAD DIGIT PIP WINS on our medium term setups like 30 minutes to 4 hour. This is because the system is used to reverse the final partial when the market speed and scale has once again been accomodated without needless shakeout.

In just 3 steps you too can easily solve the looming career failure caused by Technical Analysis done wrong and having too many stopouts eat your account.

The inspiration for this video came from a testimonial I got on October 9th from a different trader named Randy S. who said, “I have had great success in trading your system since I started in early August. I have tripled my account since then (from $20,000 to $65,000)”.

There are hundreds of unsolicited testimonials however there must be a legal disclaimer here that his results may not be typical and your results may vary.

That’s Awesome to achieve in 2 months. Yes that thrills ME as much as Randy.

Actually the results came after the learning and there is that “learning curve” so just take less than 1% of the time you’ve wasted searching and apply it here.

If you cannot commit to yourself in that way, please keep your money.

It’s time to take control of your future and secure your dream of a long, profitable trading career.

Your purchase is Backed By My 100% GUARANTEE OF YOUR SATISFACTION

I am taking All The Risk. Love S.T.A.R. or within 30 days let me know and I’ll refund all your money. No questions asked and you may even keep the system tools and my friendship. You’ve nothing to lose here.

Today is your day.

Click The Link Below Right Now To Buy S.T.A.R.

Here’s exactly what’s going to happen.

First, today you are going to invest in yourself by Clicking the Buy Now Button below.

Once you’ve done that you will go to the page which directs you to join our dedicated training membership at Supertradersclub.com where you will have your video training and resources. That comes free for life with your purchase as do future upgrades. Then you will receive a confirmation email that your Owner Member access has been opened. Allow a short time for this manual process (up to a day, usually hours) and you’ll be on track immediately to a better future.

  • BONUS 1: Access to our Private S.T.A.R. Facebook Group
  • BONUS 2: 30 Day Free Trial to our Collaborative Trade Setup Watchlist & Chat

Understand that you are not alone.

There are many hundreds of people just like you around the world who have taken this very step you are going to take right now.

I can reassure you that this is the RIGHT Decision For You.

IF… You Want To Stay In The Game

Take Action Now before it’s too late… Click the Buy Now Button and Get S.T.A.R. today!

Get S.T.A.R Forex Trading System – Anonymous, Only Price $25

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