The Deception Code – Paul Mascetta



The Deception Code – Paul Mascetta


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It's really as good as good gets because having the ability to see through people's nonsense will give you a super-human advantage in life. If these tactics are good enough or the organizations I mentioned above, think about what they can do for you.

Here's A Look At What I Cover In This Training:

  • The truth about lying and deception and why it's running ramped in our society
  • What forms of communication elicit the most amount of deception (phone, email or in person)
  • The different kinds of lies people tell and why
  • The top ten myths about lying and why you are probably mistakenly believing all of them right now
  • The two main governing motives that any liar always has when being deceptive
  • The elements that make up a lie and why knowing them will help you spot them faster and easier
  • The top three signals you should pay attention when you begin to suspect deception from someone
  • A sneaky reverse psychology technique called "gaslighting" that master manipulators use to turn the tables on you when they are lying
  • The exact 6 stages that a master manipulator goes through when taking advantage of someone
  • The key strategy to making a deceptive person feel comfortable around you so you can accurately begin to read them
  • A simple technique used by hostage negotiators that instantly gets people to open up to you
  • A super sneaky technique that completely catches a liar of guard and begins putting you in control
  • The three types of questions you can use to pull information out of people and when you should use them
  • The corner stone strategy that will separate this program from all other mind reading programs on the market
  • How to read a person's emotions based on their vocal tone
  • The same speech analysis formula used by the Secret Service and how you can use it to read a person's mind while they speak
  • A key giveaway in how a person tells you a story that instantly indicates deception
  • How you spot a liar based on the tenses they use when recounting a story
  • The main difference between how a truthful person speaks versus a liar
  • Eight phrases liars love to use and how you can begin pinning them out the moment you hear one
  • Verbal deception signals that a liar will use without realizing it
  • A trick that many deceptive people use to fool innocent people (customs agents are specially trained to watch for this trick)
  • The one word that almost every liar deletes from his vocabulary when telling a false story
  • Euphemisms and how to instantly spot a liar who uses this kind of distancing language when being deceptive
  • The 2 types of denial that exist and how to use both as a reference to detect deception
  • How to analyze the micro-expressions that are universally hard wired into every human being to tell what a person is thinking (these cannot be faked)
  • Five non verbal wild cards that can cause you to incorrectly read someone (this is very important)
  • The seven basic emotions in every human and how to identify when they are leaking out of someone even when they try to hide them
  • How to tell when someone is being genuine based on the timing of their language and body gestures
  • The same interrogation techniques that high ranking agencies use to elicit the truth out of even the most polished liars
  • Baiting vs bluffing and how use of one over the other can ruin your whole deception detection strategy
  • How to tell if someone is being truthful by simply looking at the way they draw
  • Advanced reading and interrogation techniques that causes liars to slip up and tell the truth
  • And much much more!

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